Getting Started with MyDailyBitcoin.org?

To start mining bitcoin using MDB virtual mining service, you will need to create an account by registering on the website. Registration is fast and simple: enter your email address to be used in the system (you’ll see a message asking you to verify your account in your email inbox), your country, password and date of birth. After filling in all the necessary fields, click the “Login/SignUp” button to go to your account’s Dashboard where you can find the latest news and tips on how to start using the service and an overview of your mining statistics.

You can perform all essential operations from your account’s Dashboard. There are also additional tabs on the top panel. Please read more about these tabs below.

Transactions | Wallet | Transfer | Withdrawal| & Much more.

MDB Miner is an industry leading Bitcoin Virtual Mining Program. All of the mining power is backed up by physical miners. Mining with the latest algorithms allows to make as much Bitcoin as possible. We aim to provide you with the easiest possible way to make money without having to do any of the hard stuff.

With data centers around the globe, we aim to keep bills down and mining power high, meaning you can make more in a shorter amount of time than what it would take to mine from your home for instance. Our data centers are located in UK, Europe, USA , Russia , Hong Kong and China with dedicated Up-Links and 99% uptime!

You can generate 0.00001 BTC every day without investments. You can also upgrade your Bitcoin Miner Program to generate up to 8 BTC every day.

How do I UPGRADE my mining program and pay for it?

In order to Upgrade your Mining Program you need to click Product Keys in the top menu, choose the Bitcoin Mining Program Product Key as per your requirement.

Then click the BUY NOW button.

On the next screen, you will see the pre-invoice. If you are happy with your order, click on the checkbox below that reads “I confirm that I have read and agree to Terms and Conditions.” and click the Proceed button.

You are now on the payment selection screen where you are to choose from BTC and BCH payment methods.


If you choose BTC/BCH as your payment method, please don’t forget about your wallet’s commission when transferring the funds (we recommend checking the exact commission with your wallet provider).

MDB Miner Upgrade gets activated instantly once you Enter the Valid Product Key received in your registered email. Product Keys are easily accessible through My Account Dashboard once purchased.

How to make a withdrawal?

In order to send/transfer funds from your account balance to your wallet, you need to make a withdrawal. You can create 1 withdrawal per currency every 24 hours. In order to do so, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your User Panel and select “Dashboard“;
  2. Find and click the “Wallet” button in top left corner;
  3. Choose the from left options Wallet Topup | Withdraw Balance | Wallet Transfer click “Withdraw Balance”;
  4. Enter the desired withdrawal amount and hit Submit Button.

Generally, you can withdraw any amount (up to your total balance) from your MyDailyBitcoin.org account. However, there are several rules you need to keep in mind:

1. Withdrawal button is only visible when your wallet balance is minimum 0.01 BTC

2. Each withdrawal must be requested and confirmed by the user on an individual basis. Automatic withdrawal function without the direct involvement of the user is not provided by the system. In order to confirm a withdrawal, please find an email from mail@mydailybitcooin.org in your email inbox.

Withdrawals are processed immediately after confirmation and the coins usually arrive within under an hour. If the funds are still not in your wallet after 24 hours, please submit a support request.

I’ve lost my password, what should I do?

1. Click “Forgot password” button in the login screen.

2. Enter the email address you used to register your account with.

3. Log in to your email and check your inbox for the password reset email. Make sure it is sent from @mydailybitcoin.org

4. Follow the link in the email and enter a new password. The email may take up to 10 minutes to be delivered (make sure to check the spam folder if you don’t receive it. 

Warning! Resetting the password will temporarily block withdrawals for 2 weeks due to security precautions.

How does the MyDailyBitcoin.org Referral Program work? What is a referral program?

Every MyDailyBitcoin.org member has a unique referral link, which can be shared with anyone, you would like to invite to start using MyDailyBitcoin.org. Any new user, who registers using your referral link becomes a lifetime referral.

What rewards can I receive for referring?

As a referrer, you are eligible to receive min-10% to max-50% referral commission bonus for every purchase made by any of your referrals, excluding reinvest and balance purchases. The bonus is added to your account’s balance in BTC shortly after the purchase is confirmed.

Where can I find my Referral Link?

You can find your unique referral link in your account’s affiliate section by selecting “Referrals” and “Tools” from the top panel. In order to generate your referral link click the “Link” button next to your referral code.

Can I register Multiple accounts to receive referral bonuses?

No, you are not allowed to have multiple accounts. The referral program is designed as a way to reward you for attracting new users and endorsing the product. Please use it responsibly.

Is there any promotional material for referrers?

Yes, you can find additional materials under “Referrals” and “Materials” in your account. MyDailyBitcoin.org also has several landing pages, you can use. If you have a good idea of how to attract more referrals with a custom design, you can send us a request via customer support.

Where can I see my referrals?

You can find statistics of your referrals, commission, and conversion under “Referrals” and “Tools” in your account. Bear in mind, your referrals’ email and identity are protected by our Privacy Policy, so you won’t see the details of their accounts.

If you have any questions regarding the services of MyDailyBitcoin.org or mining in general, our team will be happy to answer. Answers to frequently asked questions may be found on this page. Individual questions can be resolved via submitting a request to our support team.